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Hi, I'm Jo and I'm the artist behind Blue Wren Creations. I'm a 2 times breast cancer survivor and I'm passionate about living a happy, meaningful, fun filled life.

Being diagnosed with cancer at age 33 gave me the courage to really question what I wanted to do with my life, and for me the answer was to explore as much as possible of this beautiful planet we get to call home.

My darling hubby Alistair and I were travelling around Australia in our caravan when we arrived in Tasmania for what was supposed to be a 4 month stay. We quickly fell in love with Tassie's beaches, rain forests, amazing animals, lovely people and a 100 year old cottage on the beach at Wynyard in Northern Tasmania. Needless to say we cancelled our ticket back to the mainland and put down roots. 

I have loved working with clay and ceramics since childhood when my mum took us for classes, so when I discovered polymer clay in 2018, it was very quickly the birth of Blue Wren Creations.

I am truly grateful to be surrounded by such incredible natural wonders, and I want to help nature lovers the world over turn their homes into sanctuaries they love, filled with joy, inspiration, connection and a touch of whimsy.

I look forward to connecting more and helping you fill your home and your life with treasures that bring you joy. ❤


Jo Ross