Hi there and thanks for stopping by. I get lots of questions about my Blue Wren Creations so I've answered some of the most common ones below for you.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to send me message via the Contact page and I'll get back to you. 😊

Q. Who makes everything?

A. That would be me, Jo. 🙋‍♀️

Q. Where are you located?

A. In the north west of Tasmania in a little sea side town called Wynyard.

Q. What is everything made of?

A. All of my creations are made from polymer clay. It's an amazing art medium known for its versatility, that once fired in the oven sets rock hard, is waterproof and is extremely durable. It can be used to replicate many materials including wood, stone, glass, semi-precious stones, porcelain and much more.

I love combining my sculptures with natural elements and sculpting onto rocks and interesting pieces of driftwood is one of my favourite things to do.

Q. Are the sculptures suitable to be outside?

A. Technically yes, but I don't recommend it for longevity. While the clay is water proof, UV damage over time could erode the quality of the clay and fade the colours. Also many of my sculptures include real wood pieces, which will also naturally deteriorate if left outside in the elements. Inside is definitely best. The mini garden kits look amazing in a indoor pot plant and can be watered straight over the top of them. You can even wash the pieces if they get dirty.

Q. Do you do custom orders?

A. Yes I do, but only in regards to the Australian animals, cottages, jewellery & decor that I already offer. I'm no longer doing pet portraits etc sorry.

Q. How do you give back?

A. Part of the proceeds from sales is proudly donated to several different wildlife conservation parks, programs and organisations both in Tasmania and on the mainland, to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of all of our precious native wildlife.

I like to support as many different organisations as possible but these are a few that I support either by visiting, donating art or gifting money to directly - 

Devils at Cradle

Wings Wildlife Park

Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Rescue and Rehab

Australia Zoo

Penguin Rehab & Release

Wombat Awareness Organisation SA